About Janet

As is the way with writers of fantasy, Janet Eaves has always lived in other worlds. From the beginning of her memories to this day, she has taken pleasure in those moments when nothing stands between her and that flight of the imagination which rolls scene after scene, carrying her to uncharted places and introducing her to previously nonexistent people that only she hears and sees, until, blessedly, she has the privilege of harnessing the magic and sharing her visions with others through the written word. (Otherwise, of course, she'd be crazy!)

As wife, mother, and grandmother, business woman, mentor, and friend, her life is fully grounded in reality. But once there is only her and the computer, reality fades away and whimsy takes over. She writes fiction independently, as well as collaborating with her SisterWriters in the Ladies of Legend series.

Raised as a Navy brat, and now a wife of 30 years to her own hero, Mike, (who also travels extensively with their business,) Janet has had the privilege of traveling and moving to different places, meeting all kinds of people, hearing all manner of dialects, and of course, this is all fodder for the characters in her books. As the mother of teenage daughters she also gets to relive the fresh bloom of romance vicariously through her daughter's eyes. The highs and lows. The emotional torment. And the deep seated need we all have to make that special connection to that one individual who was meant to complement our existence.