Welcome to the web site of romance author Janet Eaves, where fantasy and reality collide and love blooms eternal.

Come visit another time and place, from the fictional town of Legend, Tennessee, to the bright lights of New York City, to lands that never really existed except in the mind of the author. Allow yourself to get lost in fantasy, in suspense, but most importantly, in romance!

I hope you will stop in often and check out what's going on. My newest project is a secret, a closely guarded secret, that I can't wait to share when the time is right. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the line-up of stories on my bookshelf, and look forward to more books from the Ladies of Legend series, the three short story anthologies just published over the last few months, as well as those books currently in the works!

I do hope you will check out my latest releases as writing for your pleasure, and I do mean pleasure ... is what makes my life so much fun!

Peace, Hope, and Love To You All!